Video Editing Tools Bring Power to the People

Addressing the computing needs of digital content creators requires a deep understanding of the complex interdependencies between hardware components and software applications. Few systems integrators understand this better than BOXX Technologies. For more than a decade, BOXX has been designing high-performance workstations and rendering systems for creative professionals working in video, special effects, animation and design visualization. Their roster of customers includes the likes of Disney and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Realizing that aspiring pros and serious hobbyists — “enthusiasts” — could benefit from their hard-won expertise, BOXX teamed up with CyberLink, whose PowerDirector video editing software offers enthusiasts a powerful yet uncomplicated set of tools for editing, converting and sharing videos.

“Our customers place high demands on their hardware and software,” says Shoaib Mohammad, vice president of marketing and business development for BOXX Technologies. “And because we understand how their software and hardware needs fit into their workflow, we’re able to deliver customized solutions that are fast, innovative and reliable.”

Inside the Technology

BOXX offers digital media enthusiasts three turnkey systems designed for PowerDirector users. And for optimal performance, BOXX paired multicore processors with SSDs, which significantly outperform standard HDDs.

“BOXX is always pushing the latest and greatest technology,” says Mohammad. “SSDs have come a long way, providing increased capacity at attractive prices.”

CyberLink PowerDirector offers enthusiasts a powerful, intuitive toolset for polishing and enhancing HD video shot with consumer electronics devices, including smartphones, video and DSLR cameras, webcams and more. Running on BOXX turnkey systems with maximum-performance components, PowerDirector users can handle complex HD footage fluidly. And when their projects are complete, they can be converted to a variety of popular device-friendly formats quickly and easily.

PowerDirector 10 Ultra, billed as “the world’s fastest” video editor, offers full 64-bit OS support to utilize all the RAM on the system, reducing the time it takes for HD footage to load. PowerDirector includes CyberLink’s second-generation TrueVelocity technology, which improves previewing, effects rendering, format converting, and outputting of videos. The software also comes with OpenCL support, an enhanced HD video encoder and patented Intelligent SVRT technology to help users produce better videos in less time. Previously, that sort of power was the exclusive domain of professional video software and high-end workstations.

“Our goal with PowerDirector was to deliver the best aspects of high-end functionality, without making the software overly complicated,” says Louis Chen, director of product marketing at CyberLink.

That focus on ease of use is evident at every stage of the video workflow. For example, PowerDirector supports a “file-based” workflow that lets users handle video clips stored in the latest digital formats, for use in devices such as smartphones, camcorders, point-and-shoot cameras, Canon and Nikon DSLRs, and webcams. Bringing video clips into PowerDirector is as simple as connecting your device’s storage media to your computer, browsing to the files and choosing to import them as individual clips or a batch of clips.

Digging Deeper

Most of PowerDirector’s complexity is hidden from newbies, but easily discoverable by more advanced users. In a nod to these users, the timeline — a ubiquitous feature in both professional and consumer video-editing apps — supports up to 100 video tracks and key-frame animation, as well as numerous advanced editing and enhancement tools that provide added control and flexibility.

PowerDirector 10 Ultra even offers native support for stereoscopic 3D (S3D) videos and photos, as well as the conversion of 2D content to S3D, expansive editing support for S3D titles, S3D particles, S3D effects, S3D menus and more. In addition, PowerDirector lets users output and burn S3D content to disc, and even directly upload S3D videos to YouTube.

“We’re seeing up to 10 times faster video encoding, playback and conversion with the processors, thanks to deep parallelism, increased throughput and hardware-accelerated encoding,” says Chen. By combining easy-to-use software with powerful turnkey computing systems, BOXX and CyberLink are making pro-level, high-performance tools available to creative enthusiasts.